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BRIDGE - Bridging Biomaterial Research Excellence between Industry and Academia across Europe

Rationale behind project

Europe has world leading regenerative medicine capability in both public and private research. As technologies mature, global competition to bring research to the clinic and market intensifies. Europe must make best use of all talents and resources to ensure that it is the global powerhouse in regenerative medicine, presenting a community of researchers, clinicians, entrepreneurs and large companies working together from idea to market and clinic.

Bridge vision and objectives

The Bridge vision is to create and validate a model for a European platform in regenerative medicine
Its objectives within this vision are:

To create cohesive and effective interaction between academia and industry to bring the best new ideas rapidly to the clinic and market

To build a sustainable research community in Europe that produces and attracts the cream of global scientists

Achieving objectives

Key activities within the project are:

1. Develop and test cooperation models

Design, implement and test new models of cooperation between academia and industry, with actions including:
Creation of collaboration model
Internet-based innovation platform
Elite Doctorate programme
Joint research projects

2. Bring pan-European groups and companies together within the cooperation model

Include all relevant groups through dissemination and Europe-wide meetings:
Biotechnology companies
Pharma companies
Policy makers
Funding providers
Innovation managers

Benefits to all participants

The overall benefit will be to Patients, as technologies are identified and harnessed rapidly and effectively and the research driving new innovations is strengthened and expanded.

Europe, as a biotechnology sector, will benefit enormously through an overarching platform that brings together all its strengths in regenerative medicine, creating a synergy that performs at the top of the global league table.

Academic groups involved gain benefit from increased resources, access to highly specialised clincial and commercial teams and the satisfaction of being involved directly in the solution of critical medicial issues

Commercial groups involved gain benefit through close working relationships with leading innovative research, adding value to development platforms and accelerating development to clinic and market

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