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The internet-based system with information on research competences and infrastructure in BRIDGE will thematically structure information in order to easily identify all researchers with a certain expertise.

The following elements connected with the implementation of the related modules should facilitate the work of the users.

• Overview of core facilities

• Overview of the researchers and their projects

• Overview of ideas / technology offers

• Overview of potential partners and their needs

• Handling of Key Accounts: Tasks (case handling), responsibilities (which companies each KLO is responsible for)

• Project Management Tool to support the network administration

The Idea

• The research database is a community driven network, aiming to attract skills in the area of nanomedicine and make them accessible

• People can profit from the platform if they become member and register with a personal profile

• A thematic structure will be developed by a team of topic moderators which will take care of the thematic structuring of their respective field

• The research database forms a topical community of experts and user within the field of nanomedicine (User can enter content and comment existing information)

• The research database is based upon content which is available to the Bridge partners, content from external quality assured sources and the contact network of Bridge

The beta release of the platform will be in July 2009

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